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OleoMist - Spray Bottle

OleoMist - Spray Bottle

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Experience the convenience and control of OleoMist - the innovative spray bottle for all your oil needs! No more messy pouring or measuring - simply spritz on as much or as little oil as you desire. Enjoy healthier, more evenly coated meals with OleoMist!

Mist nozzle

It has an improved nozzle to make the spray area larger than other spray bottles. The spray is more delicate mist to make the oil on food more uniform, so as to control the amount of oil and reduce heat.

No oil hanging or leakage

The handle design is anti-slip and ergonomic, allowing the hand to comfortably grip the cover and handle. Simply press to evenly spray grease, making it easy to use. The spray filler bottle mouth is designed compactly and will not leak oil, which is convenient for you to keep the bottle clean.

Healthy oil control

The bottle is made of safer glass material. It can easily control oil intake and protect health. Efficient use without waste. Improve taste.

Transparent bottle body design

Transparent and durable materials enable chefs to easily check the state and quantity of oil through the spray dispenser, and quickly identify seasonings.

Multi function oil spray bottle

The spray can add various condiments, such as olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, red wine, soy sauce, etc. Fried steak, air fryer, teppanyaki, baking, barbecue, and salads all require olive oil or seasoning. It is an indispensable helper in the kitchen.


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